About Berno Inferno's Disco Roadshow

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Hi - My name is Chris, and I run Berno Inferno's Disco Roadshow.

Berno Inferno's Disco roadshow began in Boston, UK, 1989.
My best friend had become ill but had to run a Disco for a Christmas party and desperately needed assistance- 'Please, you do it, Chris!' - 'Really? But . . . I've never done it before!', 'Well now is the time to learn'. Thrown in at the deep-end, I rapidly learnt what it takes to entertain the party-goers and make sure the event is a success for all concerned.

Certainly hard work and a burning desire to get the crowd before you moving are the key ingredients of any successful Disc Jockey. Whether I'm at a Suffolk Pub or Club, School event, Corporate Event or an intimate gathering with family and friends to celebrate a birthday or wedding, I bring all that experience, knowledge and passion with me.

I love all sorts of music from all styles and genres. Since the late eighties I've been following and playing nearly all the different musical genres as they have surfaced onto the music scene. Naturally, the sound quality of my music is about the best you'll find.

When you book me with Berno Inferno's Disco Roadshow you get a really high-quality show. I pride myself on providing excellent levels of customer service and in making sure that the entertainment I provide is what YOU asked for. For more information, please feel free to explore the rest of this site or give me a call for a quote.
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