Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How much does it cost to hire the Berno Inferno Disco Roadshow.

Prices depend on the amount of people, the size of the venue, the date of the event and the equipment that is needed. You will find my rates are very reasonably. Booking forms are available. The price quoted will be fully inclusive, and there are no hidden extras or additional fees.
A deposit (approximately 20% of the fee) will be required beforehand to secure your event.
Please contact me for a quote for your event.

How do I pay for your Disco service?

Payments can be made via Cheque, PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cash. Usually a cash payment is required at the end of the night to me unless requested otherwise.

Is my booking confirmed with a contract?

Yes, all bookings made will have a contract, depending on time scales and preference I can either post you a contract or email you the contract (or even pop round with it)

I've Just been quoted £50 from another company can you match that?

Like any other business, prices do vary when you shop around. The prices I charge are based on professional standards and are well within the national average for professional mobile disco entertainment. If a price seems too good to be true then I would seriously research the reputation of any mobile disco charging so little.
A Mobile Disco can make or break an important event such as a Wedding Reception, and an inexperienced DJ or one who lets you down at the last minute may ruin an otherwise perfect day. By choosing your mobile disco entertainment based purely on the cheapest quote, may prove to be false economy in the long run, and you should consider many other factors when choosing a suitable Mobile Disco rather than risking the decision on price alone.

What sort of time is needed for setting up and packing away your Disco equipment?

Typically, I ask you to allow me at least one hour before the event to set up my equipment, and a further half an hour at the end of the event to pack everything away. If stairs are involved, or the distance between car parking and the venue is great, please let me know beforehand - This may affect the set-up and pack-away times.

Themed events?

70s and 80s themed events are a speciality! This can be arranged for you if you wish, including appropriate themed lighting and effects (and DJ dressed appropriately!)

What happens if you are ill or cannot make it?

This has NEVER happened in the 23 years I have been DJing.
However, In the extremely unlikely event this happens I will find another DJ who can attend.

What happens if the Mobile Disco equipment breaks down?

Again, I have never had an equipment failure in all the time I have been running Discos (other than the odd bulb blowing). Be assured that all equipment that I use is regularly serviced. I always carry backup sound and music gear with me just in case.

What kind of music do you play?

Anything you want! I have over 4400 music tracks spanning the decades from the classic Rock 'n Roll of the fifities, all the way through to the modern chart sounds.
If you want something a bit different, all you need to do is fill in a Song Request Form before your event and I will get all the tracks you request. If you have a specialist type of music you wish to be played on the night just let me know.

Do you take guest requests or playlists?

Absolutely. I always endeavour to play the songs that you and your guests ask for. If you have a specific range of songs you would like to hear, just let me know on the booking form. The decision of when to play certain songs on the night is best left to me as I will most probably know when the best time to play them is.

Sounds great! How can I book the Berno Inferno Disco Roadshow?

You can book by calling myself - Chris on 07977 594867 or by clicking on the button below.Book your event now